A research on the most important artist collectives in postwar japan the gutai group

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Shozo Shimamoto

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Conversation with Reiko Tomii

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Rutgers University Press,p.

History (HISTORY)

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Japan’s Postwar Art Wave

The site for my research will be the island of Naoshima (Figure 2) in the Seto Inland Sea region, or Setouchi, in western Japan.

I will be joining my research partner, Eri Motohashi, an artist [email protected]/tracing-infrastructures-for.

Department of History

· The postwar artists were eager to explore the tension between artist and material and to discover how the natural material of wood, stone, or paper reacted to being shaped by the artist’s ideas and actions – and how the material directed the artist’s hands and minds in abrasiverock.com Bauhaus architecture - was a German movement concerned with the social aspects of design, - was more utilitarian, rather than expensive materials it emphasized simplicity, often reducing building surfaces to simple black, white and grey planesabrasiverock.com  · The Gutai group (具体美術協会, Gutai Bijutsu Kyōkai) is the first radical, post-war artistic group in Japan.

It was founded in by the painter Jiro Yoshihara in Osaka, Japan, in response to the reactionary artistic context of the abrasiverock.com://abrasiverock.com In the postwar years, the most important was the Yomiuri Indépendant exhibition (–63), an annual, non-juried salon that became a significant venue for the emerging generation of artists and the critical fulcrum of the abrasiverock.com An introduction to reading, writing and research in history with the help of digital methods.

Students will study the primary sources and historiography of Medieval Europe ( C.E.) using digital methods of text mining, map making, sentiment analysis, network analysis and/or topic modeling. between individual and collective well-being.

A research on the most important artist collectives in postwar japan the gutai group
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