A students thoughts on the catcher in the rye by jd salinger

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Thoughts on “The Catcher in the Rye” by J.D. Salinger

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The novel The Catcher in the Rye, by J.D.

Catcher in the Rye

Salinger, is arguably the most controversial book of all time. Nicknamed the 'Bible of teenage angst', the classic novel, which is frequently labeled immoral by different groups, has been banned in various parts of America over the decades.

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From it was the most censored book in libraries and high schools across the United States. (Salinger, as Wilfrid Sheed long ago pointed out in the best thing ever written about his style, was first of all a humorist, trained on other humorists.

The two writers who meant the most to. The Catcher in the Rye at Ten things you should know To celebrate the 60th anniversary of JD Salinger's classic tale of teenage angst, we've tracked down some facts to remember if you don't.

ChaptersOverview part one, Novel: The Catcher in the Rye, JD Salinger, English Texts, Year 9, NSW Chapter 8 Holden catches a train to New York in the middle of the night.

On the train, the mother of a student who attends Pencey Prep sits next to Holden. Mrs Morrow and Holden have a conversation in which Holden constantly lies. He lies about. Sex is our generation’s daily obsession.

If men don’t spent hours on porn sites or social networking trying to “like” or swipe their way into a woman’s pants, they hop on an airplane and travel thousands of miles away to bang until they’re sick of it.

The Catcher in the Rye is a coming of age novel written by J.D Salinger. In this novel, the character of the protagonist is an icon for teenage rebellion. In this novel, the character of the protagonist is an icon for teenage rebellion.

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