Aish hotorah writing a note to the kotel

Placing notes in the Western Wall

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Email to the Kotel

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For an eighth year, Aish HaTorah of St. Louis partnered with the Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project (JWRP) to bring womenwith children under 18 years old on an eight-day journey through Israel.

Aish HaTorah is an international network of Jewish educational centers, where Jews from all backgrounds can explore their heritage in an open, non-judgmental atmosphere.

Aish HaTorah operates programs in over cities on 5 continents. Our World Center is located in Jerusalem, directly opposite the Western Wall. Welcome!

Western Wall Prayer Delivery Service in Jerusalem. Our location in Jerusalem Old City enables us to offer a special service for people who are not living in Israel and wish to place a prayer note in The Kotel - The Western Wall.

In the meantime, the Jewish Agency will indeed stop holding citizenship ceremonies for new immigrants at the Kosel plaza, in keeping with the request from Rav Rabinovich. Tomorrow’s ceremony will be held instead on the roof of Yeshiva Aish Hatorah overlooking the Kosel.

Reprinted with permission from Aish HaTorah’s award-winning website, When I was in second grade I wrote a letter to the President of the United States. I had something of crucial importance to discuss with him, and I made it clear that it was an emergency. He never answered.

$20M Charity Embezzlement Case Shows Power of Rabbinic Courts

So I. Join Us for Webinar Update on the Kotel. Join Us for Webinar Update on the Kotel many of these Reform leaders joined their friends and colleagues in the Conservative Jewish community in writing to Prime Minister Netanyahu to say that they will not stand for unequal The artwork on this note card was created by WRJ Art Calendar.

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