An analysis of the child support issues for custodial mothers and fathers

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Child Support in the Age of Complex Families

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Child Support in the Age of Complex Families

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Number of custodial fathers in the United States 2011

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These findings suggest that in both countries custodial mothers have similar issues when it comes to receiving financial support from their children's father, despite the differences in economic development and attention to child support policy in Colombia and the U.S.

Myths about custodial fathers Child support in the United States used to be straightfor- much as never-married mothers, and divorced fathers earn times as much as divorced mothers.

Future research on child custody issues Currently, the United States does not have a federal child. problem of child support noncompliance has become so serious in terms of its economic implications for custodial mothers and chil- dren that Congress has passed Child Support Enforcement Amend- ments which require states to institute programs to deduct support from fathers' paychecks and tax returns.

Child Support Essays (Examples)

Myths about custodial fathers Child support in the United States used to be straightfor- ward: mothers were given custody of the children, and fathers, who normally had higher incomes, were ordered to pay child support.

The situation may be growing more and more complex, however, as men increasingly receive cus- tody of their children. Oct 14,  · The need for better enforcement of child support laws were evident in a recent survey that showed that fewer than one-fifth of inner-city children born to single teenage mothers receive child support from their fathers.

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