An analysis of the nature of god as depicted in the old testament

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3 At the same time, a resurgence of interest in spiritual warfare has grown in contemporary literature.

4 Each of. Analysis and Synthesis of Exodus Related Media The analysis and synthesis approach to biblical studies applied here to Exodus is a methodology developed by the author (DeCanio, ) in conjunction with his doctoral studies at the University of South Africa.

the Old Testament to discover the story and character of God that is concealed within the pages of the Old Testament stories. By taking a little time to understand the context of the stories in the Old Testament readers can see the faithfulness, loving nature, and kindness of God. Analysis. No prophet of the Old Testament ever reached loftier heights in his understanding of religion than did Deutero-Isaiah.

In his conception of Yahweh as the creator of the heavens and the earth, he made a sharp distinction between Yahweh and the deities of foreign nations.

(A-2) Jehovah, or Christ, Is the God of the Old Testament. Although for many it seems a paradox, Jehovah of the Old Testament was none other than the Son of God, Jesus Christ. He created the world under the authority and direction of God the Father.

Later, Jehovah came to earth as the Savior and Redeemer of the world.

Old Testament Life and Literature (1968)

Similarly, the Old Testament highlights instances where god reached out to sinning nations and gave them unusual grace. The Ninevites were extended a chance to repent in the book of Jonah, even though their deeds were wicked.

An analysis of the nature of god as depicted in the old testament
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