Effect of changing the temperature on the resistance of a thermistor essay

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Measuring and testing

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Discuss how this can be followed account of. Two resistorsa professorand a special. The Length of a Wire and Its Effect on Resistance Essay - The Length of a Wire and Its Effect on Resistance Introduction: In an electrical circuit, the current (flow rate of charge) depends on the battery voltage that causes the charge to flow through the circuit and the components in the circuit.

Thermistor Terminology RESISTANCE TEMPERATURE CURVES The resistance temperature curve defines the temperature versus resistance characteristics, some curves change faster (steep slope), while others change more slowly (weaker slope).

What Is An NTC Thermistor

Temperature vs. Resistance Characteristics of a Thermistor 1 Module 1, Lesson 3 – Temperature vs. resistance characteristics of a thermistor.

Measuring and testing

Teacher. 45 minutes. Purpose of this lesson temperature. • Using a multimeter to measure the resistance of a thermistor. • Investigating the variation of thermistor resistance with temperature.

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In a conductor or conventional resistor, this variation is negligible, but in a thermistor, a single degree change in temperature can produce a resistance change of ohms or more. NTC and PTC Thermistors Thermistors are temperature sensitive resistors that have a greater than normal change in resistance value when the temperature changes.

The change in resistance is predictable with changes in temperature. The extreme sensitivity to temperature change enables a thermistor to perform many.

Resistance Essay Examples Effect of changing the temperature on the resistance of a thermistor essay
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Introduction to Temperature Sensors: Thermistors, Thermocouples, RTDs, and Thermometer ICs