Ethical and unethical issues in the westwood imaging centers payment for referrals case

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Cases in healthcare finance

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We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Explicit ethical issues such as informed consent, patient confidentiality, and informing patients directly about their imaging results.

Teaching ethics can help protect and promote the stature of nuclear medicine and radiology.

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Ethics foster achievement of professional excellence. Promotes.

westwood imaging centers payment for referrals. (Ethics mini case)

You must also consider qualitative and ethical issues. Often times the group dynamics can achieve charity patients, and offering financial incentives for physician referrals. Learn about quality measures, payer incentives for performance and balance score cards.

Ethics Case 8 - Westwood Imaging Centers - Financial Incentives to. or imaging center • A hard to recruit specialist receives compensation that Case #4: Issues of Self-Interest Deal with ethical issues proactively (pay now or pay later with interest) with an active interdisciplinary ethics committee.

2. Be willing to deal with the ‘hard issues’ (or the courts. 6 - 2 Medical imaging is one of healthcare’s fastest growing sectors, expanding at three times the rate of other medical services. Westwood Imaging Centers offers the following illustrative terms to physicians: The physician refers a patient for an MRI, for which the physician pays $ The physician bills the patient’s insurer for $ and pockets $ Typically, the insurer is unaware of the deal.

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Ethical and unethical issues in the westwood imaging centers payment for referrals case
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Physician Self Referral: Ethical Issues