For the motion computer and children a boon or a bane

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Bane in other media

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CBSE Class X English Support Material – Writing – Debate

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Internet is Boon or Curse

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May be the Internet a benefit or perhaps a Bane for Society?

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While I use Linux' motion to do motion detection in real time directly from the camera, I also would like to check for motion from the previously recorded videos. I searched for both Linux and Windows applications to do that, but my search was inconclusive. Thus, they replied that the computer is a bane, and explained this answer by the following arguments: your vision greatly deteriorates from using a computer; it emits electromagnetic waves harmful for human; it causes scoliosis and hypodynamia; it badly affects our mental abilities, especially those of children.

1- The motion of the debate is ‘Computers and Children: A boon or a Bane’. Write the debate speech for or against the motion in words.

2- The motion of the debate is ‘Grading is better than marking of examination performance’. Understanding Motion Capture for Computer Animation discusses the latest technology developments in digital design, film, games, medicine, sports, and security engineering.

Motion capture records a live-motion event and translates it into a digital context. It is the technology that converts a live performance into a digital performance. Computer Games: A Boon or a Bane? We are now living in the era where people are trapped and hooked in a technology which also humans have created – the computers ; computers which have become monsters in mankind, yet monsters of innovations, at the same time addiction.

Technology: Education’s boon or bane?

Every coin has two sides, and mobile phones too are a boon and a bane. It depends on how we make use of it.

Are Computers A Boon, Or Bane, To Mankind?

While there are tremendous advantages, there are just as many drawbacks.

For the motion computer and children a boon or a bane
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