How the frontier shaped the american character

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The Frontier and American Character

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The American frontier comprises the geography, Frederick Jackson Turner seized upon the statistic to announce the end of the era in which the frontier process shaped the American character.

Fresh farmland was increasingly hard to find after —although the railroads advertised some in eastern Montana. The American was a new man, he held, who owed his distinctive characteristics and institutions to the unusual New World environment—characterized by the availability of free land and an ever-receding frontier —in which his civilization had grown to maturity.

He is best known for his essay "The Significance of the Frontier in American History", whose ideas formed the Frontier Thesis.

Frederick Jackson Turner

He argued that the moving western frontier shaped American democracy and the American character from the colonial era until The article discusses the frontier theory of Frederick Jackson Turner on how the frontier shaped the American character.

Turner believed that the characteristics associated with Americans can be traced from frontier traits such as inventiveness and willingness to accept innovation, materialism and.

The Significance of the Frontier in American History () this is a short version of the essay subsequently published in Turner's essay collection, The Frontier in American History (). its new opportunities, its continuous touch with the simplicity of primitive society, furnish the forces dominating American character.

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How the frontier shaped the american character
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