How to learn calligraphy writing alphabets for kindergarten

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Arabic Alphabet: Alif

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Kids Abc Learning and Writing -Tracing and Phonics of Alphabet- Games for Baby, Preschool, Toddler & Kindergarten, Grade 1,2,3 and 4 Jul 29, Kids get to learn Arabic calligraphy and handwriting with this cute worksheet that also helps develop Arabic vocabulary.

Alif, the first letter in many Semitic alphabets, is the first letter of the Arabic script. Lined Paper Templates are marvelously helpful in making you a host of creative projects, cards, letters, and what not! Train your budding genius at home with these, or mentor your students’ handwritings with these.

Use them in any academic or creative project and get benefitted.

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How to learn calligraphy writing alphabets for kindergarten
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