How to write a brochure for a non-profit

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Non profit fundraising ideas – Easy, Best, Top

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How-To — Disadvantages people find how-to articles quite useful. They simply select the fundraiser brochure they usually and we just them as many free brochures as they go.

In short, neglecting your fundraising is struggling your missionand paraphrasing your case for help is neglecting your fundraising. 1) Write for a specific audience. Forget the generic brochure.

Write your brochures (and yes, you may need several different ones) for a specific group of people, answering questions they are likely to have about your issues or organization. Don't bury the call to action in a block of text.

Make it stand out on its own panel of the brochure or at least with it's own headline. If you have space, reinforce the call to action in other places on the brochure. Make It Specific "Contact us for more information" is probably the most common call to action in nonprofit brochures.

Write an opinion piece about current events or other issues that are relevant to your cause. Legislative Updates – Inform your audience about proposed and enacted legislation on the state and national level that is important to your cause.

How to Write a Case for Support for Your Non-Profit (Part I) by Joe Garecht Your case for support (sometimes called your “case statement,” a term we will use interchangeably in this article) is one of the most important documents you can write for your non-profit.

Here are some appeal letter tips from Jeane Vogel, who is a fundraising consultant in St. Louis and has written numerous donation appeal letters for her clients.

Her firm, Fund Raising Innovations, specializes in developing appeal letters, grant proposals and non-profit strategic planning.

Designing (or not) a non-profit brochure

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How to write a brochure for a non-profit
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How to Write a Call to Action for Your Brochure - Nonprofit Marketing Guide