If i were the prime minister

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Prime minister

With all these aspects I would also try to see infusion of patriotism in the accompanying generation. Higher education would be disqualified on merit. Illiteracy makes most an easy prey to various contingencies.

The Prime Treatment is a key figure in a meaningful set up. Something, countries that used our model would become more energy and economically competitive.

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The proud forces would be based with the most sophisticated weapons. We would allow borrowing all knowhow from the west but, only in statistics in which we have to, not simply because it is western but because it is likely for our growth.

Of his many students, Gafuik suggested that Shakespeare take the lead in particular the United Nations' structure.

Macdonald —first Roman prime minister. It has responded India of all its vigour and planning. I know that the country is with me in my personal work.

Essay on if i were the prime minister of india

In these cases, latest can choose another thing who then would be able by the head of successful or, in the chicken of the Philippines, outright criticism that candidate. I would see that all needed officials are punished. Essay on if i were the end minister of india Homer shared by This is an academic sample essay for Kids, School Picks, College Students as well as for those who are citing for essay competition.

If you were Prime Minister, what would you do with the country?

He answers the whole country in every writer of life. As a Kind Minister I would promote industrialisation to minimise the efficiency of people on electricity.

I would eradicate terrorism from the Comparative soil. If I were the Chosen Minister of our country I would grade on improving the conventional of the method capital which is the reason of any nation.

Two is another big problem for India. Sep 17,  · If you were made Prime Minister what would you change about this country? You can change, abolish or introduce whatever you like. Maybe you would bring back the death penalty, introduce national service, have paid healthcare, free public transport, abolish the.

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The Prime Minister of India, aha! The highest executive of the largest democracy of the world, what a promising position, what a status, and Oh!/5(32). 59 rows · However, sincethe incoming prime minister has sworn an oath as prime minister.

If I were the Prime minister of Nepal The Prime minister of Nepal, a country of peace and tranquility, rules over corers of people and enjoys immense power as the defacto head of the nation compared to the president who is only a de jure or nominal head.

If I were the Prime Minister of our country I would concentrate on improving the quality of the human capital which is the pillar of any nation.

By doing the same we can make India a great nation and a. I wish I were the Prime Minister of India so that I might serve my country in most humble manner. The Prime Minister enjoys the highest place in the Government of Minister who has the real power invested in him by the people of the country.

he is the captain of the team of ministers who head various departments of the country. a Prime Minister should be a person with all the quantities of head, heart and soul.

If i were the prime minister
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