Information sharing for the bullwhip effect

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RESEARCH BRIEF: The Bullwhip Effect and Information Sharing across the Supply Chain

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Keywords: supply chain management, bullwhip effect, information sharing, strategic partnering Introduction As the business environment become more competitive, companies have to continuously look for a new way to.

The bullwhip effect is where variations of inventory are amplified as you move up the supply chain from consumer to end raw material supplier when there is a change in consumer demand and no information is being shared about consumer demand between all members in the supply chain which will leave suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and.

The result obtained in this section can be interpreted as the amount of bullwhip effect remaining when the warehouse uses its previous period’s order quantity as additional information, i.e., intra echelon information sharing. The bullwhip effect is a concept for explaining inventory fluctuations or inefficient asset allocation as a result of demand changes as you move further up the supply chain.

As such, upstream manufacturers often experience a decrease in forecast accuracy as the buffer increases between the customer and the manufacturer. The results prove that market demand information sharing between online retailers can reduce the bullwhip effect on the supply chain, and can also reduce a supplier’s inventory level.

Information sharing is able to reduce the increase in bullwhip significantly; the increase in now linear as the orders proceeds up the chain.

RESEARCH BRIEF: The Bullwhip Effect and Information Sharing across the Supply Chain

However, bullwhip is not eliminated with information sharing! There is still bullwhip at all levels in the chain, and the variance ratio still increases with the level in the chain.

Information sharing for the bullwhip effect
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