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Today I finished the Bourbon Balls I promised many months were a long time coming. I put off making them and then never found the recipe I was looking for, the one I tried some years ago that made a creamy centered Bourbon Ball like the ones from Rebecca Ruth Candies.

I did find a recipe for chocolate dipped Bourbon Balls filled. Keep it at home.

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Access it anywhere. My Cloud is a private, personal storage unit that plugs into your home network. It automatically backs up and centralizes all your content in one safe place that only you control.

Capital One – We all enjoyed ourselves yesterday and I’ve been raving about it to everyone: It was simply and every person who attended told me what a great time they had, how fabulous the food was, how wonderful the facility was and most importantly you and your team.

There is a distinction between war and battle. War implies an ongoing state of flux whereas battle is the actual shift taking place in a small increment of.

Rip'n'Run - is a series of basketball camps that teach the game of basketball to players of all ages. Co-ordinated by coaches Mark Ingle (Head Coach of DCU Mercy and International Coach of 10 years), Adrian Fulton(Former Captain of Senior Irish Team) and Mark Scannell(Head Coach of Ambasador Glanmire and Irish Senior Women ).

My place the place for
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