The background of volkswagen

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The Volkswagen Beetle – Bug-omology

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This statistic represents Volkswagen AG's worldwide vehicle production from through The Volkswagen Group produced around million vehicles in Volkswagen custom surfing Kombi van bay window wagon project, Camper for sale, Joss Stone's T2, VW, Vdub.

The Volkswagen is the world leading automobile manufacturers and it is the largest carmaker in Europe. Volkswagen was based in Wolfburg, Ger. Volkswagen's emissions scandal affects 11 million cars worldwide, withof those in the US.

Now the investigation into the cause of the scandal is centered around two high-level engineers. Volkswagen SuccessStory Volkswagen Group is a German automobile manufacturing enterprise headquartered in Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony, Germany.

Manufacturer of both commercial and passenger vehicles, the company sells its passenger vehicles under the brand names Scania, MAN, Neoplan and Volkswagen.

The background of volkswagen
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