The bologna process

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Adjusting to the Bologna Process

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Bologna process

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The Bologna Process is a collective effort of public authorities, universities, teachers, and students, together with stakeholder associations, employers, quality assurance agencies, international organisations, and institutions, including the European Commission.

The Bologna Process opened a new chapter in the history of the European higher education. The idea of a common European Higher Education Area was developed in Western Europe and accelerated increasingly there in the second half of the 20th century, as a phenomenon of globalization.

Bologna Process

The 8th Bologna Ministerial Conference and 3rd Bologna Policy Forum were held in Bucharest, Romania, on April The ENQA Report was made available in hard-copy for the participants of the conference. The Ministerial Conference was an opportunity to take stock of progress of the Bologna Process and set out the key policy issues for the future.

The Bologna Process is the process of creating the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) based on international cooperation and academic exchange. The envisaged European Higher Education Area will: facilitate mobility of students, graduates and higher education staff.

Implementing Bologna structures and principles in German universities. As one of 47 countries participating in the Bologna Process, Germany has successfully implemented the two-tier structure of Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. The Bologna Process has magnified their influence and membership.

Whereas the interest of national ministries varies with context, and junior staff are often sent to hold the fort, the stakeholder bodies have expertise and a continuity of strategic personnel.

The bologna process
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The Bologna Process and the European Higher Education Area - European Commission