The brilliant idea of candy chang

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6 art installations by Candy Chang that make the viewer part of the piece

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Candy Chang

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Candy Chang, Urban Space Artist Behind the "Before I Die" Walls, is a Lavin Keynote Speaker on such topics as Mental Health and Creativity. Candy Chang & James A. Reeves We live in a uniquely unsettled moment of technological, political, and social flux. Awash in endless currents of information delivered by glowing screens, each new headline, discovery, and development brings a fresh opportunity for faith or despair, depending upon our individual attitudes and philosophies.

The idea of the exhibition, created by artist Candy Chang and writer James A. Reeves, is to transform the foyer into a space “where we can reflect upon our emotional relationship with. With fill-in-the-blank stencils and stickers, Candy Chang has invited New Orleans residents to share their hopes for the future (above) and for the fate of a vacant building (above left).

Between Lee Chang-dong, Steven Yeun, and Haruki Murakami, there are plenty of great reasons to go see one of the very best movies of Passersby wrote in answers like "go to school," "feed an elephant," and "understand," in chalk.

Chang says the project served as a reminder of "what matters to people as individuals and as a community." In April she revisited the chalkboard idea in Fairbanks, Alaska, erecting one outside a high-rise that's stood empty for a decade.

The brilliant idea of candy chang
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