The death penalty as a inhumane act of punishment for serious crimes in america

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Capital punishment by country

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Death penalty proves to be an inhumane act of moral justice

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Of the 35 independent states in the Americas that are UN members: 13 (37%) maintain the death penalty in both law and practice. 5 (14%) retain it for crimes committed in exceptional circumstances (such as in time of war).

Death Penalty Database

The Committee recalls that the terms of the Covenant tend towards the abolition of the death penalty and that those States which have not already abolished the death penalty are bound to apply it only for the most serious crimes.

Deciding who deserves death should not be taken lightly and is part of the reason why capital punishment is such a controversial topic. A study conducted by Amnesty International found that in the United States ranked 5th for number of executions in the world. -President Clinton signs the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act expanding the federal death penalty.

which made death the only punishment for all crimes; and in the Fifth Century B.C.'s Roman Law of the Twelve Tablets. Death sentences were carried out by such means as crucifixion, drowning, beating to death, burning alive. "It is widely recognized that capital punishment in the United States of America continues to be imbued with the legacy of slavery" and, to end it, American death-penalty abolitionists "should draw on the radicalism of [anti-slavery] abolitionists." So argues British death-penalty scholar and.

Death penalty is a form of punishment that involves the act of revenge to those people that commit a serious crime.

Originally, death penalty viewed as an action that makes the criminal to pay the price to what they committed at the past.

The death penalty as a inhumane act of punishment for serious crimes in america
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