The factors that play a part in the poor quality of water in kenya

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According to World Health Organization (), environmental factors play a central role in human health. Human exposures to hazardous agents in the air, water, soil, food also to physical hazards in the Poor environmental quality is estimated to be. Kenya National Water Development Report Prepared for the 2nd UN World Water Development Report quantity and quality of water.

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With the increasing growth in population and the Kenya Water Report. 3. Water scarcity: Globally a country is. In the preceding five years, the budget for the water sector had been increased by % from KSh billion (US$ million) in – 82% of funds were allocated for the water supply and sanitation sub-sector, while the rest was devoted to Water Resources Management, for Irrigation Drainage and Water Storage as well as Land Reclamation.

The water quality in Kenya is affected by factors like climate change, extended periods of drought and catchment degradation. Those who can pay for clean water in Kenya can much more quickly get access to it than Kenya's poor only 63 percent of the population has access to clean water.

The factors that play a part in the poor quality of water in kenya
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