The horrors of lynching in the

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Southern Horrors: Lynch Law in All Its Phases () Digital History ID Author: Ida B. Wells Date Annotation: Ida B. Wells was one of the most outspoken African Americans of lynching. Because she verbalized her position against lynching in her Memphis newspaper, The Free Speech, a mob destroyed the newspaper’s office while Wells.

James Cameron, the oldest known lynching survivor, speaking at a special press conference with members of the U.S. Senate during the week of the observance of Juneteenth (6/13/05) Washington Post A Senate Apology for History on Lynching. By portraying the horrors of lynching, she worked to show that racial and gender discrimination are linked, furthering the black feminist cause.

Lynching of Jesse Washington

Southern horrors and other writings: The anti-lynching campaign of Ida B. Wells, – Boston: Bedford Books, Schechter, Patricia A.

Ida B. Wells

Ida B. Wells-Barnett and American Reform, MONTGOMERY, Ala. -- The National Memorial for Peace and Justice opened to the public in April in Montgomery, Ala. It is the first memorial of its kind, dedicated to the legacy of slavery, and more.

In, Anti-Lynching Campaign in Tennesse, Wells looks back on the lynching of three good friends and writes to inform Americans through a method of investigation and exposure, that lynching was an excuse for white retaliation against Blacks.

She writes an essay that condemns and exposes a hidden crime against African Americans.

The horrors of lynching in the
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