The punishment should match the criminal

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The Punishment Should Match the Criminal. In the oldest written legal code “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” is the general rule regarding punishment for crimes committed.

back to psob home. selected legal materials relating to. the public safety officers' benefits act of (generally codified at. 42 u.s.c. chapter 46, subchapter xii). Beforeemployers didn’t risk much in hiring undocumented worst that could happen was simply losing a worker through abrasiverock.coming inthough, the worksite has become an enforcement site for immigration law, with employers required to check the work authorization of every worker they hire on pain of penalties and even criminal prosecution for hiring workers.

Not surprisingly, criminal codes throughout the states and the federal system are not uniform in adopting one or the other approach to punishment. That’s because Americans themselves have not uniformly chosen one or the other theory of punishment.

4The punishment should be awarded publicly so that, on the one hand, the guilty one may feel disgraced and, on the other, it may serve as a deterrent for the other throws light on the concept of punishment in Islam.

In verse 38 of AI-Ma`idah (V), in connection with the punishment of theft, it was said. The punishment should match the crime. Today, our criminal justice system contains this same basic principle: the severity of the crime generally matches the severity of the punishment in terms of number of years served, fines imposed or community service hours required.

The punishment should match the criminal
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