The theoretical framework and conceptual factors in the adoption of clinical decision support system

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Improving Medical Practice: A Conceptual Framework

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Innovation Adoption: A Review of Theories and Constructs

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Introduction The clinical decision support system (CDSS) is utilized to translate evidence- based knowledge into evidence-based practice in clinical settings. (Moore & Fisher, ) Many studies have been conducted to understand the users’ adoption of the CDSS.

integrate factors or constructs from [16], [20], [10], since this is the current trends in IT adoption studies, to develop a conceptual framework to study the adoption of E-voting systems within the organizational context. E-voting is central to E-democracy and E-participation initiatives of government.

HNE Handover for Nurses and Midwives Vol. 8, No.

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2 () Special Issue A CRITICAL REVIEW OF THE THEORETICAL FRAMEWORKS AND THE CONCEPTUAL FACTORS IN THE ADOPTION OF CLINICAL DECISION SUPPORT. A critical review was conducted to understand the theoretical or conceptual frameworks used to inform the studies on the adoption of the clinical decision support system.

The review identified 15 theoretical and conceptual frameworks using multiple hybrids of theories and concepts. Conclusions Clinical decision support systems have been used, often as part of a complex programme, to improve the care of hospitalized patients with diabetes.

There is some evidence that they may have a beneficial effect.

The theoretical framework and conceptual factors in the adoption of clinical decision support system
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