The truth on why we have random people for the jury

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Submission Rules

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The Importance of the Jury System

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Why isn't being a jury a professional job?

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Is jury duty selection really all that random?

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Juries bring with them the learning and insights of those who are new to the system and have not become clearer-hardened or cynical. Because we can't guarantee the accused their right to trial by a jury of their peers if we don't have peers available to serve on juries.

If we only take volunteers, we'll be perpetually lacking jurors or we'll have jurors that don't represent the general populace. The only way of creating an impartial jury is by getting a random pick from the population, and not just people who want to serve on a jury.

If they only took volunteers, they wouldn't have enough people to guarantee a jury, and the ones they would get would either have plenty of free time, or like judging people.

An example of a case that would have gone differently had we had a jury would be the Shrien Dewani case, I think I speak for most people that we all felt he was guilty but the police and prosecution presented a weak case against him and the judge had no choice but to acquit, under a jury he definitely goes to jail.

However, I know some people have really enjoyed their Jury Service and felt part of something important. If you have done Jury Service how would you rate the experience out of ten and why?

Should We Have Professional Juries?

And remember, lets have the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Why juries work best So juries do a good job and now we have the facts and figures to prove it. and it is a rare jury that cannot detect where the truth lies when faced with the.


Each jury is 12 strong and from the panel the jury bailiffs select 15 jurors for a court with the 12 selected at random. Those not on the jury go back to be ready for another case. For trials such as fraud, expected to last for months, the judge may ask if that is a problem for individual jurors, otherwise and subject to the jurors not being acquainted with any .

The truth on why we have random people for the jury
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Future and Cosmos: Why a Clique of Scientists Might Do Worse at Judging Truth Than a Jury